Eayrs family gallery

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Anyone can post photos in this gallery, but the webmaster must have the permission of the person(s) in the picture if they are alive. If the person(s) in the picture is/are deceased or presumed so the picture must be at least 50 years old. Additionally, all photos are liable to removal if someone complains about their presence on this site.

To have your photos here (until uploading is available) simply contact the webmaster with your electronic photo (approx 700x400 and 500 kb max) and text. Say which category you would like the photo to appear in: people, places or who can help.

FID or PID (for Family and Person ID) numbers refer to my family history software. It will help when corresponding about photos to use these numbers when present. Photos of places do not have an ID number. [ME].


[England] EAYRS John Thomas (1913-2001), EAYRS Robert James (1915-1995), EAYRS Florence May ne้ CLOUGH (1882-1975).

FID 168