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Translation Services

Translations from Spanish to English - Text correction - Proofreading

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About me

I was born in Britain and have lived more than thirty years in Latin America, mostly in Argentina. I currently have homes in Patagonia and in Manchester, UK.

I studied English and Spanish Literature at university and am currently doing a Masters' degree in Creative Writing. Although I translate in a number of different areas (see below), I specialise in the difficult language of advertising, publicity and marketing, where the impact of the language is key to the effect it has on the reader.


Because English is my first language and because I am a professional writer I can produce accurate, readable and effective texts. This is important; a shoddy or inaccurate translation or text can so easily plant the suggestion that if so little care has been taken with the translation, why then should any more care have been taken with the product or service being promoted. Would you go to a dentist with bad teeth?

To consider …

Look at the texts on the right. Note how even the original Spanish text has errors of grammar, spelling and punctuation. As for the English version, it is barely intelligible. Does it inspire you with confidence in the company and the services it is offering? A small investment in the cost of translating a menu, web page or brochure professionally can make the difference between attracting potential clients or putting them off.

What next?

The links at left will provide further details of how I can help you, and set out exactly what I can and cannot do for you. If you wish to know more, simply send me an email with your questions.

An example of edited work

The first two texts below were taken at random from a 'bilingual' website. The third text is a simplified version that contains the meaning in clear, straightforward English.

three texts

  1. What I can do for you

  2. What I can not do for you

  3. How much will it cost?

  4. How long will it take?

  5. What do I have to do?

  6. My qualifications and client list

  7. Testimonials - Translations

  8. Testimonials - Text correction


The details…

1. What I can do for you

I can and will do the following:

  • I will translate texts from Spanish into English only, and not vice versa. I am familiar with several flavours of Spanish, but work mainly with the River Plate variety.
  • I will in principle translate texts in the general areas of Advertising, Publicity, Marketing, the Arts, the Humanities, Media, Music & Performance, Academic and Literary texts.
  • I will look at texts that have been translated into English and comment on or modify these as requested.
  • I can accept texts for translation in any version of Microsoft Word and return work as either Microsoft .doc or .docx files. I can also provide final texts in PDF format if required.
  • I will agree with you the final cost and delivery date before I start work.
  • I will standardise spelling, grammar, style and register as required. Unless requested otherwise, I will follow UK spelling and grammar conventions.
  • I will provide texts that are clear and intelligible, and that do not contain 'Spanglish', or awkward word choices and phrases.
  • I will provide you with a finished electronic version that contains the same fonts and formatting as the text submitted for translation.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any text submitted for translation or editing if I do not feel I can do it competently.

2. What I can not do for you

I cannot and will not do the following:

  • I will not translate texts into any language other than English. This means that I will not translate texts into Spanish.
  • I will not translate texts that come from the areas of Law, Banking, Economics, Health, Medicine, Pharmacology, Science, Technology or Engineering.
  • I will not accept for translation handwritten texts.
  • I will not accept files that contain macros or have been generated in non-Roman formats.
  • I will not accept electronic texts that are not submitted as Microsoft Word files
  • I will not guarantee to meet personally with clients for discussion of their work. All such discussion will usually be done by email and/or mobile phone.

3. How much will it cost?

The cost to you will depend on how much work I have to do, so I can not give you an exact price before seeing the work. Generally my per-word price for translation is between US$/€0.12 and US$/€0.18, but the cost will depend on a number of factors. I will need to see the text or a representative sample before I am able to give you an exact quote. There is a minimum fee of US$/€50 for any translation work, Irrespective of length.

For text correction it is harder to generalise, but if the work is reasonably translated and the English is reasonably accurate my basic charge for any work up to and including 2,000 words would be approximately US$/€35.00, and for each hundred words or part thereof over 2.000 words I would charge an additional US$/€2.00..

I will ask you to email me the full text you would like me to proofread and then I will agree a final price with you before I start working. This price will not change, but once you have agreed payment will be required.

Texts can be exchanged through email. Payment may be made by PayPal or by online transfer, or by other means by arrangement, but however payment is made it will need to be received before I deliver the finished work.

Invoices will be issued from my UK domicile where I am registered, and will comply with UK tax legislation.

4. How long will it take?

This will depend on the length of the work to be translated or corrected, but I can generally guarantee to get a text back within ten working days. However, before agreeing with you to start the work I will give you a firm completion date.

If you need a piece of work done more urgently this may be possible but there will be an extra cost. This will be agreed with you before I start work.

5. What do I have to do?

If you have read the text above and you think you would like me to work for you, please mail me and ask for a quote. Tell me whether you want me to treat it as 'urgent' or 'standard' - this will affect the quote. You can also ask me any other questions you may have.

6. My Qualifications

The following brief details will tell you a little more about my translation work.


  • Masters Degree (MA) in Linguistics and English Language Teaching, University of Leeds.
  • Qualified Teacher Status (DES 74)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in the Teaching of English Overseas (Dip TEO), University of Manchester.
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), University of Manchester.
  • BA (Hons) in English and Spanish Literature, University of Birmingham


    Aleco SRL
    Alpha Estudio de Economía y Negocios
    Antelme S. A.
    Argentina Wings
    Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires
    Banco Mariva
    Banco Privado
    Banco Roberts
    Benvenuto SAIC
    Cabriolet S.A.
    Calilegua S.A.
    Cámara de Industria y Comercio Argentino-Alemana
    Cesar Palace Hotel
    Compañía Privado Inversores Sociedad de Bolsa
    Consejo Británico de Relaciones Culturales
    Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales
    Eduardo Tiscornia
    Essen S.A.
    Establecimiento Rural Indígena
    Estudio Allende & Brea
    Estudio Berberry
    Estudio Nicholson& Cano
    Farming Salentino
    Fundación Antorchas
    Glacco Cia. Petrolera S.A.
    Glucovil S.A.
    Gowland Publicidad S.A.
    Grafa S.A.
    Hartman Argentina
    Hitron International Group
    Hospital "Ricardo Gutierrez"
    House & Home Co.
    I.B.S. Investment Brokers Services
    ICI Argentina SAIC
    Interbrokers Cia. de Seguros
    Interpack S. A.
    IRSA Inversiones y Representaciones S. A.
    Isaco Electrometalúrgica S.A.
    Korsky & Co.
    Koskit Office Services
    La Carreta S.A.
    Latinoconsult S. A.
    Lautrec Publicidad S.A.
    Ledesma S.A.
    Lloyds Bank
    Marval & O'Farrell
    MBI S.A.
    Mees y Zoonen S.A.
    Mensa International
    Mistral Windsurfing AG.
    Montigny y Asociados
    Nestlé Argentina S.A.
    Nobleza Piccardo S.A.I.C. y F.
    Ofatec Buenos Aires S.A.
    Omega Cooperativa de Seguros Ltda
    Peróxidos Argentinos S.A.I.C.
    Radiadores Richard
    Renault Argentina S.A.
    Saloja S. A.
    Samsung Electrónica
    Shell CAPSA
    Sitor S.A.
    Sociedad Argentina de Pediatría
    Startel S.A.
    Steelhead S.A.
    Tradinter S. A.
    Transistemas S.A.
    Truchaike S.A.
    Universidad de Buenos Aires
    Universidad San Andrés
    University College London
    University of Birmingham
    Vapren S.A.
    William Powell & Sons
    Witcel SACIF
    YPF S. A..




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